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DCP frame rate = recording rate 24 vs 25 fps

As I understand, there are two DCP standarts, one is 24fps Interpop and other 25 fps SMPTE and none of them is not universal.
The best I understood - its better to have both versions of film - 25 and 24 fps.

Then, I face a question - which frame rate is better for recording?
Somehow, it feels like that its possible to build in both vesrions: 25 fps to 24 fps OR 24 fps to 25 fps.

BUT, my idea that shooting 24 is safer, because for 25 fps we will have only to make everything slightly faster.
I worried that building 24 from 25 could influence badly for movement or panning.

What do you know on this subject? Thank you

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24 fps INTEROP is the standard. Don't make a 25 fps or SMPTE DCP. That's going to cause you a lot of headaches.
If you are distributing at an indie level don't ever let anyone convince you to make a DCP that is not a 24 fps INTEROP DCP.

I would say you should shoot at 23.98 fps. In my opinion it's the most universal to today's standard delivery specs.

Side note, make sure you deliver you DCPs on an EXT2/3 drive unless a theater specifies they have an NTFS server. Too many people don't do that, and it causes a lot of issues.

May 26, 2017 at 9:03AM

Alex Alva

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