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DCP is a thing?

I'm looking to exhibit a trilogy of short films this summer. I'm looking at theaters, festivals, contests, galleries, etc to exhibit - so how important and necessary is converting my films to DCP files? Can I do this on my own? Or what services can I trust with this step? What are the ranges of costs for such services?


Yes, DCP is a very real thing.

DCP-o-matic is an option, even Adobe Media Encoder has an option you can use (although you'll probably need a paid odd on) but more often, you get caught up in the details....DCPs are tricky.

Have you gotten the DCP specs from the theater/festival? Like any deliverables, you NEED to have the EXACT specs - you can't guess....nor can you expect one DCP to work for every end outlet.

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Michael Kammes
Director of Technology, Host of 5 THINGS Tech Series

You're looking at about $10/minute on average, so $600 for an hour long film.

I DO NOT recommend doing the DCP yourself. It can come at a cost of showing up to the theater and it completely failing. You wouldn't build a car without expertise, or at least massive amounts of expert supervision, I don't recommend leaving this critical step to a hope and prayer that it works.

SimpleDCP.com has been good to me, they archive your stuff so you can always grab it and have it shipped to any festivals you need.

April 18, 2017 at 11:20AM

Jordan Mederich
Documentarian / Filmmaker

Beautiful! - these comments are super helpful. Thank you, thank you. I'll likely look further into trusting a service for my DCP needs. Also, I wanted to thank @nofilmschool for featuring this question in their podcast this week! Haha, what a delight to hear my question answered on my morning commute today. Muchas Gracias!

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Xavier Rodriguez Magaña

No matter how you get your DCP made (DIY or a professional service), you'll still run into the problem of making multiple copies (or pay the service a fee for every copy). DCP Transfer takes the hassle out of properly formatting the DCP delivery drive for Linux according to the proper ISDCF specs, as well as doing the final hash-checks to make sure that everything is all good before you deliver. Check out the overview video: https://youtu.be/NftjF4jFZVc


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