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Denoiser plug inn

I have a PXW X70 Sony video camera and I edit in Pr. Pro.
I am wondering which plus in would give me the best result for removing grain and noise. How do I get my videos to have an overall cinematic feel?


You're asking two different things here...

1- What would you recommend to remove grain and noise from my video image ?

I've been using the NeatVideo plug-in for the past 7 years : It's cheap, it works really well, and it's available for most video editors. ( they also do the same type of app for still-photos too )

2- How do I get my videos to have a cinematic feel ?

Which is a very complex question as this covers everything from shooting frame rate, how you light your shots, how you frame your shots, what lenses you choose to shoot with, how you grade your footage, do you add film-like grain to give your footage a slightly grittier organic-like feel, etc... As you can guess there is no easy answer here.

I also shoot with the Sony X70 ( with the 4K 100 Mbps firmware upgrade ) and I've only really been happy with the look of my footage since I applied a low-contrast custom profile that helps to knock-back some of the contrast of the X70 camera.

SEMI-FLAT Picture Profile
( stored under picture profile 6 )

Black Level +15
Gamma: ITU709
Black Gamma: High, +7
Knee (manual) Point 75%, Slope -2
Color Mode: ITU709
Saturation: -2
Color Phase: +1
Color Depth: all were 0 except B +4, Y -3

Color Correction
Type: Color Revision
Memory Selection: 1&2
memory 1 color: 10, 4, 0
memory 1 revision: 8, 0
memory 2 color: 19, 7, 0
memory 2 revision: -14, 0
Detail: Level +3, Manual Set: Crispening 3

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

NeatVideo is what I use. It is fairly cheap and works well. I use FCP but I would assume there is a version for Premiere Pro.

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Michael Militscher
Director / Commercial Producer

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