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Disheartened with the GX8 - Possibly due to my lack of knowledge

First post so please be nice!

So I did a ton of research, looked at a second hand Sony A7 mki, looked at the Nikon D5500 and then wanted a Panasonic G7. I found a video on youtube that was saying you should future proof yourself and go 4K and (stupidly?) I took the advice.

Struggling to find a G7 for cheap(ish) on e-bay I spotted a GX8 (which I had looked at in a shop but was out of my price range) go for G7 money. So I started watching them and won one.

Kit is 14-42 Panasonic Limix G - I don't like the look of this lens but the GX8 does not have in body stabilization when filming and this lens is stabilized.
Panasonic 20mm - Brilliant lens for photos but noisy when filming and too close up for vlog style footage.
Samyang 12mm - I bought this for Vlog style videos as 12mm seemed about right - it is manual focus though so can be tedious.

Editing software - Sony Vegas 13 - footage is choppy on playback and my machine is of a decent spec - I have done some digging and found that it may be due to me firming to MP4 and Vegas liking MPEG-2?

Sorry for the long post my questions are:

What would be the best lens for Vlog style look around my surrounding type films?

Have I bought into 4K too early?

Is Sony Vegas decent enough for 4K editing?

Should I sell up now and buy a different camera and better lenses to film in 1080p rather than it being difficult to film with this 4k set up and having to downscale 4k to 1080p anyway?

Am I overthinking all of this?



Before you blame your camera or your lens, what are are you using for lighting? What light modifiers are you using? What metering system are you using?

Looks at any Behind The Scenes images of a typical video shoot and ask yourself: does my lighting setup look like that? Of not, chances are the problem does not lie with the camera.

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I was using the light in the room but I also have a hot-shoe mounted LED like this one -

March 24, 2017 at 7:14AM


So why are you disheartened with the camera? You don't like the image or just don't like the camera itself?

April 4, 2017 at 10:41AM


The problem with your post is, you are asking a lot of questions without mentioning what is the problem you are trying to solve. Maybe mention that first, then ask the relevant questions.

I think the GX8 is a good entry level mirrorless camera. I don't think its an issue with Sony Vegas. I think the issue is that your computer might not be able to handle 4k editing. But having said that you could also put it in a 1080p timeline and edit the 1080p and export as 1080p as well. For vlogging the kit lens or the 12mm lens that you have should work great. I think you need to learn to research some of your questions and not get frustrated. This process is a journey and it will take time to get there. You have to practice and learn.

April 4, 2017 at 5:20PM

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