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Do you have a Facebook Fan Page?

Hi guys,
I'm curious how many of you have a (semi)regularly updated Facebook Fan Page for your filmmaking endeavors. As I've been getting into more festivals I've been toying with the idea of creating a Facebook Fan Page for myself to have an easily accessible place for announcements, new projects, interesting articles, etc.
A few of my friends have created Pages for their shorts, but for me I don't really see the point in creating pages for films that are finished and won't regularly updated. I'd rather have a page where I can show all my work, keep it updated as time goes on and sell myself forever (sort of as a brand) instead of a ten minute film for a few months.
However (and maybe this is the imposter syndrome talking) I feel like it's a titch self absorbed (I don't feel that way about my own friends who have say, acting profiles and whatnot, but I feel like it may be weird as a director/writer/whatever I am that day). I'm thinking about giving it a tongue in cheek name. Instead of just "Jessica Chriesman" have it be "A Film by Jessica Chriesman" or "Jessica Chriesman Craves Attention" (probably not this one, but I think it's funny), I'm somewhat averse to saying something like, "Jessica Chriesman Productions", for reasons I can't quite put my finger on.
TL;DR - Do you have a fan page? How did you name it? Do you find it effective?
Thanks for your thoughts (and I'm probably going ask the filmmakers of reddit what they think about this too)!


I have a page for my vlogging & filmmaking but honestly I'm not sure that my page gets much reach or visibility. I don't know how Facebook's algorithm works but only a few people out of over 100 fans see my posts. I get a much better response using my personal page as well as Twitter & Instagram.

Also every time I create a new page, there are so many categories & sub-categories, I have no idea which one fits me best.

Hope that helps & look forward to hearing some other responses too. Maybe I'm not doing it right.

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Derek Armitage
Filmmaker & Vlogger

If this doesn't work out for you, focus on your newsletter for the next project. You can even start one for free on Mailchimp. With regular mx, it's still the best way to get engagement (average of 3.5% in our industry vs. the <1% we might get on Facebook). Plus, when the campaign's over, you still have all of the contacts (fans) instead of starting from scratch again with social media.

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