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Documentary gear budget

I'm currently looking to buy film gear to shoot a documentary starting in June 2016. It's going to be 80% one man shoot. I'm going to film interviews, events and also landscape. Time-lapse and 360º photo and video is also something I'm interested in doing. Some interviews are going to be filmed in locations with no available electricity, so please keep that in mind (lighting). I'm also a fiction filmmaker and plan to use that gear for that kind of work. Can you please help me building a good complete package of gear? I'm looking for camera/s, lens, rigs, gimbal, sound and lighting. The best possible quality for the budget. I would like to shoot 4k because the subject is something important to preserve for the future, not just the documentary itself but the raw footage. So future proof if possible. Also the documentary will have a more "filmic" aesthetics, camera movements, etc.

My budget is €15k.

Thank you in advance for the help.

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Duzi slider, sachtler ace tripod, manfrotto video head of some sort, zacuto recoil rigging, Senheisser 416 shotgun, Senheisser AVX lav system, ronin m if you don't wanna do steadicam, Sigma 18-35 and the new 50-100 1.8, Canon 6D for timelapse with 16-35 F4L (or 2.8), Litepanels Astra lights + v-mount batteries for location lighting if natural light won't do the trick (and they'll plug into walls for indoor stuff too), and then whatever camera you fancy. I like Canon (c100), but if you absolutely must do 4K then the FS5 looks like a great option, although I hear the 10-bit HD recording that it does is better than its internal 4K.

If you get a full frame camera or want to use a speedbooster you'll have to get lenses other than the Sigmas.

You can do 360 photos with the 6D if you get a fisheye and the right tripod head, but for video you'd need a GoPro solution, probably. Or the Theta S.

I'd probably throw in a Small HD 501 or 502 monitor. Especially if you do a handheld recoil setup.

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