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editing un-workable audio interviews

I've been given a trial edit by a production company. The footage is incredible but the accompanying audio interview is completely unworkable. The audio quality is fine but the interview is poorly conducted; no space between statements, the interviewer doesn't lead or ask enough questions and the interviewee just rambles on leaving no useful or coherent content to work with.

I understand that a trial should be challenging (I enjoy challenges) but I feel that they have given me an impossible task.

I refuse to give up. I've even tried to create my own sentences by breaking the interview down into the component words. It's taking forever and I'm starting to feel that the only thing I can do is tell the company they need to go back and do a proper interview.

I've recorded a mock interview and started editing to that. So I can least showcase my editing, but I don't think they will accept it as (obviously) its not in keeping with the brief.

How do I approach the company about this problem without blowing my job prospects?

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Do not try and create your own sentences as this is very unlikely to come off looking natural, and you can't put words into other people's mouths, that is a huge no-no.

When editing footage like you describe, where there is no pause from one info point to the next, what I do is I cut between words then freeze-frame the image and use a transition to go from the current segment to the next. ( you can use all types of transitions here, including fades/blurs/motion-effects/ect... )

Also consider that whatever you do has to be simple enough that you can do it over and over hundreds of times without being a hassle, as you are going to receive pressure to get things done ASAP so your solutions have to be efficient.

Also, if the interviewer is not setting up the question properly, I'll put the question on screen as simple but graphically nice text, which leads immediately into the person answering the question. If you go this route you should do it for all questions and answers, or it will come off a bit weird if it's only for some questions.

March 8, 2015 at 12:16PM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

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