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EF mount or E-Mount, the dilemma

Hi, i'm planning to buy a a6300,

I do mostly corporate videos.
The reason, i'm buying this and not an A7S or FS7 is that i want to have spare money for lenses and i know that i can repay the camera with work in a short time. For good jobs, i rent more expensives cameras and lens anyway.

Problem is, i can't make my mind on which lens mount system i will use for that. Buying EF lenses would be useful for Blackmagic, C300 and others cameras but i would have to use adapters on my sony.

Buying E-Mount lenses won't require adapters but i could not use them on Canon EF-Mount since the flange don't match.

For the future, one thing for sure, i'm not planning to buy a canon body if they keep making outdated bodies. In the future, i will plan to buy the FS7 or an Red Scarlet.

On a last note, i like to do photography on my spare time (passion not work) and i'm planning to buy a 24mm(cine or photo - another dilemma...) to complete my 35mm t1.5 bower cine and my 50mm 1.4 nikkor. (theses lens are for small $ jobs)

I would like to know your imput on this



For lenses, you can stick with Nikon mount and use them on any camera you use, e.g.:

- Sony camera with E-Mount
(by using this adapter:

- Canon camera with EF mount
(by using this adapter:

- Micro 4/3 (by using one of the Metabones adapter)

Buy full frame Nikon lenses, so you are prepared for any situation.
Just invest in good adapters and use your Nikons everywhere you like.

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Seems like a key question for you is whether you plan on using AF during your videos on the A6300. With it's impressive AF system it might be worth having, and thus tip the balance towards buying native lenses. If not, and if size / weight is also not a big concern, then EF lenses are certainly more versatile for future systems.

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Wouldn't it be awesome if there were just one standard mount!!! But I guess companies have to make $$$ some how.

I totally agree with both comments above.

1) Nikon lenses, especially those with manual apertures, are the "swiss army knives" of lenses.
2) If you had to have AF, going with the native mount for you system would be the most reliable option (I am facing a similar dilemma with X-Mount cameras).

I typically prefer manual operation (, so for me EF mount manual lenses are the most flexible and future-proof option. Here are some examples (in no particular order):

1) Nikon lenses CINE-Modded by Duclos
2) Rokinon/Samyang Cine Lenses in EF Mount

1) Nikkor Zooms modded by Duclos (

Enjoy shopping!

August 29, 2016 at 10:31AM

John Dimalanta
Freelance Photographer/Cinematographer

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