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Film, animation and Graphic art schools


I am a Technology Teacher in Connecticut, USA and I teach Video Production and Graphic arts. My formal training is as an Industrial Arts (Technology Ed) teacher. I have been teaching myself animation over the past few years and I teach a unit on animation in my classes. My question is this. What are some good film, Video and animation schools? I have several students who wish to pursure either animation, film or graphics as a carear. I know In Rhode Island (Where I live) there is RISD Rhode Island school of Design www.risd.edu. Looking around the moho site I stumbled acroos Kdiddy's site and I see he went to Rochester institute of Technology I went to their site and it looked pretty good. If any of you out there either are in school, went to school or know of some good one's could you post them here? My students would appreciate it. Thanks for any help you can give. Could you post a link to the school's site if possible? Also, any advice you can give would help.

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