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Film Festival Acceptance Notifications

We are entering the height of the festival acceptance notification season in the next few weeks and I made my directorial debut with a short film this year titled 'Musicians and Magicians'. I've submitted to many festivals - both high profile and smaller festivals.

My question is from your experience: How do you usually find out If your short film got accepted? mail? email? Phone call? submission platform (i.e. filmfreeway) page? Do you usually find out about getting in before the notification deadline withoutabox or filmfreeway present or usually find out on the notification date exactly?

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Cheers my filmmaker friends - Happy Holidays!

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Usually, you should receive notification of your acceptance by email. Upon occasion, festival directors, or their close associates, will make phone calls to filmmakers personally to congratulate them of your acceptance. Frequently, festivals will need to be in touch with you to find out if you can attend the festival. It behooves them to have as many filmmakers attend their festival as possible. (It also behooves you to attend as many festivals your film is accepted into). They will also be likely asking for high quality presentation format of your film (ie DCP, BluRay, etc). And while it is professional courtesy to notify filmmakers that your film was not accepted, they may not always get around to doing so in a timely fashion. Keep tabs on WOB, the festival websites, etc to keep an eye out. Hope this is helpful. AR

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Arthur Rasco

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