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Film-Making and Family-Making

Dear friends,
This question is not related to any sort of editing or film-making tactics but something perhaps every creative person undergoes. I need your suggestions for a dilemma that is bothering me in this journey of my film-making.
I am in early 30s and is doing well with my film-making career-----all with the grace of Youtube and forum help like this. I am also making corporate videos as well as short films. I have learnt all the tricks of editing, script, cinematography by myself. Of course am not an expert yet and have miles to go, yet I am happy with my efforts and skills, I will surely make good feature films soon. I also have a full time job as a journalist and is doing well.
Now the concern is: I have come to a stage in life that demands more from me socially. I need to learn driving, get a house, expand family, have insurance policies and on and on. Sadly the Asian society is not bothered how lovely I make hyerlapse videos, experiment with sepia tone or that I know every angle of Psycho. We care and regard more for bank balances and a safe job. Well I too am materialist and want to be a good man and provider but not through such expectations.
The confusion is if I invest in these commitments, do I forget all of my hard wok and learnings that I earned tediously for so many years ? I won't be into any hard core practice with my carema or laptop. What if I completely lose touch due to these driving, flats and etc etc. Like family, film-making too needs time and attention.
Can some one kindly suggest how to balance both ? I love both and can't live with either ?
And is this phase and confusion normal or is it just a social pressure from one particular part of the world ?



Its not easy. Someone I asked for advice once told me that nothing is fulfilled if you arent, what we were talking about is me starting a family. Dont try and fit into a slot or space that is premade there for you to fill. We are human beings and can adapt to nearly anything this planet can throw at us. So many people find the balance and it looks great when they do but if you look at some of your fellow youtubers early days there was a toll taken on these people. Its hard to convince someone without a film passion that spending some money on a lens to get that look just right is a necessity. Where I am with it is I made a pact/vow to my girlfriend who I hope to make my wife eventually, I fulfill her needs and she lets me fulfill mine. This is just in the goals arena, day to day its an equal split. But I want to be a creative professional whereas she is an actual professional. I want to build a film empire and she wants babies, I give her babies and I have a potential heir to my throne. She wants to move out of the city, I find cities that have great film tax credits.
Driving helped me make better films. Nothing like being able to get to a shoot and a machine does the heavy moving. I get to shoots with more energy and more ready to work.
Balance is key, fit it somewhere in your life, because this love you have for film should be weighted the same if not less than the love you have for this lifestyle. Appreciate these things, use your skills to capture it. Somewhere in your new story to tell from your own perspective you never know what you might find.

April 1, 2016 at 8:36PM

Chris Hackett
Director, Director of Photography, Writer

Thanks Chris for sharing your knowledge.
Thanks for the guidance-----BALANCE.

April 6, 2016 at 4:09AM

Anirban Ray
Film-Maker, Journalist, Photographer

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