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In the finals in 2010 seven war the previous moment

According to Bleacher Document reporter Kevin Ding studies, Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue with many fame players played, so he was very comprehension of the players, he called himself by Kaili - Erwin sees the majority of Kobe Bryant's qualities.

In the finals in 2010 seven war the previous moment, Erwin shot to support the Knights win your match, but also help the Knights won the championship in 2010, passed the final analyze of Mamba spirit inches.

"I told Erwin prior to, 'do you want to own spirit of Kobe? '" Kobe do not worry about anything, he does not proper care, no matter what the outdoors world to say, he does not proper care, Kobe or will always be Kobe. " Lu recalls.

Before the Lakers played out Lou, and Kobe played Erwin, before the knight with Kobe in the Lakers are very similar, because they are extremely young, and Lebron James and Shaquille O'neal are actually proved their players within the league.

"This is like, " he says, "O'neal had already struck fame, and he was older than Kobe, he was the league's many dominant player, Kobe was always attempting to be more excellent, and strive to end up being the best player, that is the aim before him. "

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