January 19, 2015 at 11:06AM


Finding a home for artist profile documentary series.

First, my thanks to No Film School for what they do and this space they have created for people like me/us to share information.

We make a web series profiling artists and people in creative endeavors that are definitely not high profile. The idea being that there are really awesome, completely-not-famous, people out there--being creative-- whose stories could serve as inspiration for anyone in a similar situation (or even for those people wishing to act on their creative impulses but who need a real life example to get going).

We are currently filming our fourth episode and have been funding the series ourselves. We are wondering if anyone might have insight or opinions as to where a show like this could possibly find a home beyond our website/youtube/vimeo.

Here's a link to the show: www.fixingstuffwith.com

The episodes vary in length and are quite short so far (5-10 minutes). This is partly because of our small budget but also because of the snappy storytelling style we like right now. The episodes could easily be longer in the future, perhaps depending on where they were hosted or how they were distributed.

Maybe there is no specific answer to our query but we would really appreciate hearing about any experiences anyone has had finding support for their docu-series.


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