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First time directing spec commercial

Hi all,

So this year I'm going to be filming a few spec commercials. Budget's will be low for each one. My question is for the spec commercials is if I should base them off of big brands like Uber, Spotify, McDonalds, etc?

Also, as far as actors go - what would be a great source to find them? In the past we've had actors we found through sites like exploretalent.com and they end up being no-shows. Think going through SAG would be a better option?


Generally I recommend avoiding SAG until you're more established with significant experience under your belt.

The amount of paperwork required to use SAG actors is substantial and for most projects not worth the difference in professionalism.

There are a litany of eager actors out there who aren't union and who will be professional and deliver great performances. I recommend trying castingnetworks.com or actorsaccess.com if you want to post online.

October 31, 2014 at 10:52AM

Brandon Kelley

Valid question regarding what brands to do your spec commercial for.

I'd look at it like this:
If your spec commercial cannot live up to the quality of work that's generally put out by a company, avoid doing a spec for said company. It makes your spec look bad. Rather, find either a non-profit or a small business in your area for which to do a commercial, spec or not.

The only way I could see a spec for a big brand working is if you have a fantastic creative idea that can be executed on a shoe-string budget while maintaining the quality people expect from said brand.
(Example: Tiger Woods Nike commercial where his father talks while we see Tigers face, slow dolly move in. This one can be shot without much money, as long as one has access to Tiger Woods..)

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