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The focus puller workout | Cinematography Blog

Unfortunately I don't remember who it was, but now is a respected director of photography in Hollywood. Back in the days, when he was just a PA, the great director Nicholas Ray told him :"And remember, it's not a job, it's a lifestyle".
Truth is he was so right, and keeping this in mind is gonna help us in our carrier as much as our network or our technical skills. Speaking of which, it is not a secret that the best and fastest way to get better in our profession is to be on set. But what it does happen, specially in the beginnings, is that we don't have the desired volume of work to improve as fast as we would like. If you are ACing on Game of Thrones you can stop reading right now.

And it's precisely because we don't have by our side a cinema camera as long as we would like, I thought that even we are not shooting every day, what we can do is to practice our skills, so we can be ready when the camera starts to roll...


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I really liked this master class, which definitely talks a lot about lifestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHcYjKpJb-I (aka
ARRI WORKSHOP -- Sean Bobbitt, BSC - CAMERIMAGE 2013).

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