December 21, 2015 at 6:19AM


Four Tripods Choices for a heavy setup, Can't decide !

according to my pretty heavy setup and my budget that's what i ended up with
* Manfrotto MVK500AM Lightweight Fluid Video System 375$
* Davis & Sanford PROVISTA 7518XB 225$
* Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm 210$
* Manfrotto MVH500AH Flat Base Pro + ProAm USA Heavy Duty Tripod Legs 300$
- Prices includes shipping costs
My setup: a big shoulder rig with matte box, field monitor,Aputure v-mic D2, BMPCC with sun cusmicar pentax 22.5-90 f1.5 with follow focus and an external battery I want the tripod to support this heavy setup and also can handle my Kamerar 60cm/SD-1 MKII slider
i was going with the first choice but i read some where that the legs are not stable , second and third choice i don't like it much because the head is not fluid enough and it doesn't look professional that's why i searched for a heavy duty tripod legs with a manfrotto fluid head ( fourth choice ) but i need your help i can't decide between them, i need the most staple, sturdy and fluid choice for my heavy setup with 350$ maximum !


Let me suggest that you are really asking two totally separate questions. The first question relates to putting a heavily rigged BMPCC on a tripod, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, with caveats. Generally speaking, if you have a load that weighs X, you want a tripod head that can perfectly balance at least 2X, and you want tripod legs that are rated to handle at least 2X the combined weight of your rig and your head.

The lightweight option you selected is rated up to 11 lbs, which means you should not trust it much past 5 lbs to keep things steady. I doubt your rig will make that weight.

The second question you asked relates to the slider. A 60cm slider is a lot less of a torture test than a 90cm slider, but it still is a torture test. The amount of wiggle that a 30cm lever arm creates is enormous, especially on small balls (75mm or less). To stabilize a slider, you should be looking a 100mm or 150mm ball heads and/or a pair of stands that provides support under each end. The latter is a viable solution for sliders up to the point that they are so long that they sag in the middle. But as soon as you go to a single point of support, and as soon as you don't have a moving counter-balance, even heavy-duty tripods will wobble. If you are shooting higher framerates (60fps or above) you can use image stabilization software to correct this, but if you are shooting 24fps with a 1/48th shutter, you may get more motion blur from the wobble than you bargained for, and stabilization software cannot fix that.

I don't think your $350 budget is viable for either option, let alone both.

December 21, 2015 at 12:58PM


I bought this tripod a year ago for a set up similar to yours (80mm slider, camera, monitor, matt box, etc.):

Works great together, feels sturdy, no wobble.

December 22, 2015 at 11:09PM

Alex Zakrividoroga

None of them are great. A real fluid head starts at about $600; these all use friction plates with grease. I'd try to find a set of used legs and a head on Craigslist first. They'll perform and hold their value much better.

December 24, 2015 at 10:45AM


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