November 10, 2014 at 8:02AM


GH4 moire issues on FCP7

A client I'm working for is still using FCP7. We shot some footage on the GH4. We transcoded it to ProRes LT and imported it.

Problem is, there's severe moire/aliasing going on in the footage. It is NOT present in either the original 4K files off the GH4 or ProRes LT file when viewed in QuickTime. It only shows up within FCP7.

Just for fun, I tried exporting the footage out of FCP7 and the resulting video file also did NOT have the moire and aliasing.

I personally can live with that but it makes my client nervous and he'd like to figure out a solution (other than just switching to Premiere which I am already lobbying for).

Anyone else had issues like this? I've tried doing this on another FCP7 system and had the same issues. Anyone figured out a solution? Thanks!

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