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GH4 problems with External viewfinder

Hi there,

Maybe somebody can help me with this issue.
I have this viewfinder

and its amazing but I have one problem. Every time I attach the viewfinder to the frame of the LCD, the LCD goes off and
the GH4 viewfinder goes on.

I have tried all the settings in the GH4. I have set up LVF in monitor, in LVF, in automatic...still same result. I have set up eye sensor low, hight...same result. I have disabled Eye Sensor AF....same result, if I place the viewfinder LCD goes off.

But, I have seen people using external viewfinders with GH4, so there must be a setting i have wrong.

Any ideas?



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You have to set your GH4 to ALWAYS favor the LCD when the LDC display is open. Here are the steps to do this...

1- Go to menu page 8 of the CUSTOM MENU
2- Click on "Eye Sensor"
3- In the "Eye Sensor" menu, click on "LVF/Monitor" and change the default to "MON"

Now when you open your LCD display your GH4 will ignore the EVF completely.

Close the LCD display when you want to switch back to using the EVF.

This is how I've been using my GH4 since day 1. ( I hate when the camera automatically switches between the LCD and EVF )

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