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GH4 versus G85 4K video capture

Has anyone here been able to test the G85? If you had to choose which one would you purchase? (GH 5 will not be in my price range). I am really interested in the stabilization system but disappointed by the lack of Vlog capability in the G85, and its lack of true cine 4k. But if my plan is to bounce the 4k down into 1080 for greater detail I've been told that UHD does this just as well as cine 4K, is this the case? Are there other reasons for choosing one over the other?

Also, is the lack of stabilization on the GH4 really that crippling if I'm using a non-stabilized lens? I plan on getting the glide gear 6000/5050 combo with my camera purchase, but would handheld shots be out of the picture with the GH4? Thanks for any and all advice.


I've had my GH4 around two years and never have I had a problem with handheld stabilization. Even when using non-native lenses with a cheap Chinese adapter it was very steady footage.

In regard to C4K vs UHD down scaling I would imagine it would be too close to notice.

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Andy O'Neill
Filmmaker / Cinematographer

If you cannot afford GH5, then you probably cannot afford a SHOGUN to give you 4K at 10-bit 4:2:2. Which means you really shouldn't bother with V-Log L. 8-bit V-Log L is a sad thing. 10-bit V-Log L is not so bad.

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Really, wow no one has mentioned that before to me. I talked with someone from panasonic today and they didn't rule out that they might add Vlog to G85 eventually, but does the G85 even have the ability to get 10 bit? I won't be able to afford shogun right away, but it is something to think about down the line. I'm not familiar with Shogun-would the ninja work or would it need to be the adorama?

Last question: So cine profiles are the best bet for grading options either way (without shogun accessories)?

Neil Anderson

October 26, 2016 at 9:09PM

Look up this thread to see lots of real-world examples and opinions about the various profiles and their performance in 8-bit and 10-bit incarnations: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?340808-Leeming-LUT-One-%96-the-...

Obviously if you shoot 1080p, you can get into the 10-bit world using the internal SD card, and that's probably the best way to get good grading results without an external recorder. There is only so much you can do with a 100Mb/sec recording rate limit, especially when trying to cover 4K resolution.

I've had great results with Cinelike-D and the Leeming LUT and very low expectations about pushing the image off the center that those two provide. If you are aiming for natural, not creative looks, the GH4 is pretty amazing.

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