March 8, 2015 at 1:50PM


GoPro Hero 4 Black vs. Panasonic LX100

I'm looking to add a secondary camera to my kit and am torn between these two cameras.

Here are my uses:
-I'm making a doc about paramedics and EMTs, and unfortunately most of the ambulances can only fit two people in front. I end up sitting in the back. It's important for me to capture their conversations (they're mic'ed up wirelessly so audio is being captured). I'd like to mount a camera - one of these two - in the front of the ambulance.
-In addition to mounting it in the front of the ambulance, I've been considering using this secondary camera on a small, handheld gimbal to get some nice tracking shots.
-I'd also want to use it mounted outside the ambulance to get some cool driving shots.
-Eventually, I'd like to get a drone. I get a decent amount of freelance work as it is but I'm confident a drone will help me get more clients.
-I shoot a lot of music shows. I'd like a camera I can set up somewhere to capture another angle without too much fuss.
-My primary job is as a documentary shooter for this PBS show. It covers all sorts of arts - music, theater, film, dance, everything.

Pertinent factors:
-My primary camera is a Panasonic GH4. I'd like this b-cam to shoot 4K to match my GH4 better. These seem the two best options. Obviously the LX100 would match the easiest being a similar, if not exactly the same, sensor.
-Amazon has a deal for Amazon cardholders where you can finance a camera for 12 months without interest. That would be about $63 a month for the LX100. The GoPro is not offered in this plan.

Other questions:
-Can I fly the LX100 on a drone? I haven't really found too much in the little research I've done. As I said, I'm pretty keen on the idea of investing in a drone. The GoPro seems to be the best option for that, at least for the Phantoms.
-Am I overlooking anything?
-Is the 4K on the GoPro any good? I've heard mixed opinions.

I can get into a pros and cons list, too, but this post is long enough already.

Any thoughts or opinions welcome!


The GoPro camera will always be better at doing things that GoPro cameras are regularly used for ( wide POV camera on a fixed mount, 3 axis-gimbal, mounted to a quadcopter drone ), where the LX100 would be better as a 4K b-roll camera to your GH4. The LX100 will be better in low-light, and easier to match the FOV of your GH4.

To me it sounds like you need both cameras, as they both serve different purposes.

March 8, 2015 at 3:24PM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Yeah, I think you're right and I could see myself ultimately getting both. Another thing I thought that might be a major con for the LX100 - is its FOV wide enough for my needs? Specifically, regarding the ambulance shot. I have a feeling it's not. Anyway, guess I'll be researching some more!

Thanks for your input!

Christopher Kim

March 8, 2015 at 4:33PM

Yes, you can put the LX100 on a copter... But it does not support live video out, so you can't get FPV, kinda of a deal breaker when it comes to AP. The GH4, OTOH, does offer live video out and is becoming quite popular w/ AP shooters... But you have to have the right copter and gimbal to lift it.

April 20, 2015 at 8:57AM

Tom Holton
UAS Specialist

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