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Grading techniques S-LOG2 in Premiere?

Any recommendations for grading S-LOG2 in Premiere? I don't want to Roundtrip footage through Resolve, so what's your procedure for grading in Premiere?

I'm most interested in getting lift, gamma, gain levels right, not color or LUTs.

Here's what I'm doing right now. I'm sure there are better ways about it. My main concern is that by only using the Lumetri panel I might max out the levels and not have any more room to push them.

Here is what one clip I'm looking is set to:
Input LUT: SLOG2 - SL - Profile
Exposure: -.1
Contrast: 50
Highlights: 50
Shadows: 30
Whites: 60
Blacks: -50
Saturation: 150

I don't really want to use the Contrast and just set Lift, Gamma, Gain, but without it, all of my other levels are close to all the way to 100 and then I don't have as much room for nuancing those levels.

Thoughts and ideas? Should I be using Curves before going into Lumetri?

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I don't know the answer for SLOG2, but I've done a lot of grading of RAW R3D and BMCC media.

Some searching reveals two answers to your question. The answer that I think it likely more relevant is that Premier Pro's SLOG2 - SL - Profile LUT converts your footage S-Gamut color space, whereas your monitor is likely sRGB or 709. Thus, the simple LUT you are using doesn't go all the way to where you think it's going. If you Google around you can find SLOG2->Rec709 LUTs that will, in one step, get you where you might be expecting to go.

The second answer is that some say the SLOG LUT was designed to be used as a middle process: first you white-balance, expose, contrast, and saturate your image, then you apply the SLOG LUT, then you grade according to your LGG preferences. So, if the SLOG->Rec709 LUT doesn't do what you like, try making things work this way.

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