November 12, 2017 at 11:47PM


Grading workflow for different outputs

I feel a little bit confused with technical aspects. This is about color spaces, organising grading and different outputs. And displays.
For example I have a shortfilm shot with Red Scarlet MX. I'm going to make a DCP out of it, but also I want to have it in some video format. So I want to output it in DCI P3 and Rec709.

Does it mean that I have to do two versions of the grading for each colorspace? Or I grade looking at rec709 display and scopes and waveform and then just output both versions?

How can I grade DCI P3 - does it mean that regular computer display won't work for me? (Maybe I totally wrong somewhere here, sorry, I just want to finally understand those details around digital post and workflows)

Do I understand right that working with ACES can solve whole this dillema? I just can't realise now how problematic to use ACES for small production and does it worth it. Also, is it true that Davinci does not work with ACES officially?

I hope that you can open my eyes to those subjects and just finally make it clear, because I really try to nail those moments, but somehow not sure if I get right some details. Thank you!!

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