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Grading workflow for different outputs

I feel a little bit confused with technical aspects. This is about color spaces, organising grading and different outputs. And displays.
For example I have a shortfilm shot with Red Scarlet MX. I'm going to make a DCP out of it, but also I want to have it in some video format. So I want to output it in DCI P3 and Rec709.

Does it mean that I have to do two versions of the grading for each colorspace? Or I grade looking at rec709 display and scopes and waveform and then just output both versions?

How can I grade DCI P3 - does it mean that regular computer display won't work for me? (Maybe I totally wrong somewhere here, sorry, I just want to finally understand those details around digital post and workflows)

Do I understand right that working with ACES can solve whole this dillema? I just can't realise now how problematic to use ACES for small production and does it worth it. Also, is it true that Davinci does not work with ACES officially?

I hope that you can open my eyes to those subjects and just finally make it clear, because I really try to nail those moments, but somehow not sure if I get right some details. Thank you!!


I'll be doing exactly the same thing in coming weeks, and though I've not yet done even one DCP, the research I've done on sites like LiftGammaGain suggests most people still grade in Rec709 and allow the DCP conversion to change everything including the grade to P3, and as long as you correctly put in the settings such as gamma, luminance, etc., you should get a spot-on conversion. Also, not sure if it's strictly true, but you shouldn't try to P3 grade for screen projection on a monitor anyway, that's best done with compliant projectors in proper grading suites. So I'll be grading in Resolve in rec709, gamma 2.2, luminance probably 80, on a calibrated 10-bit Eizo monitor and then hopefully the DCP conversion will take care of the rest. I'd be most concerned about good calibration, good monitor and ten-bit color.

But again, I'm no grading doctor...

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thank you for answer! What i found out on web for now is that is the way to go


November 20, 2017 at 5:10AM

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