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Help choosing the right audio recorder

Hi, can someone help. I am going over and over on this, I need an audio recorder to record outside in situ interviews for podcasts and to tag on to video recordings with an external microphone. Thinking of using a Audio Technica ATR-2100 Microphone and then need a suitable recorder to go with it. I eventually want to get two mics to record during the interviews but initially will start with one as on a budget. Also budget is a factor in buying the audio recorder. I'm wondering is it worth spending the extra for a Tascam DR-40 instead of the DR-05 or can I get away with the budget one without it sounding too budget. Alternatively can any one recommend another recorder altogether? Thanks for any help.


The microphone you want to use is a dynamic mic and will have very low signal output, which means you need a powerful mic preamp to obtain a good recording. The mic preamp in all portable recorders will be much too weak for this mic.

I would recommend that you look at a condenser mic which puts out a signal that is at least 20 dB louder than a dynamic mic if you want to use this with a portable recorder.

Here's a mic I would recommend...

Rode M3 Multi-Powered Cardioid Condenser Microphone

You will need a recorder that has XLR inputs to use it with this mic, so the Tascam DR-40 or Tascam DR-60 Mk2 would be a good match.

NOTE: the DR-60 Mk2 can be used as a stand-alone recorder, you don't have to use it with a camera.

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Guy McLoughlin
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Massive help, thank you so much. Is there a cheaper mic to get me started that you would no of or is this itself going to be the entry level.

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>>>Is there a cheaper mic to get me started that you would no of or is this itself going to be the entry level.

$150 is entry level pricing. The mic I use for indoor dialog is the AT4053b which is considered a mid-level pro mic and costs $600. The high end pro gear like the Schoeps Colette Series mics start at about $1,600 and go up from there.

August 18, 2015 at 4:26AM

Guy McLoughlin
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