August 8, 2017 at 6:22PM


Help deciding on a tripod please!

Can someone recommend me a tripod and head please!? I've been hunting high and low and unable to come to a conclusion, so thought I'd turn to the community.

I have a few criteria, as follows, in order of importance:

Price. The defining factor for me is going to be price. I really can't afford to spend any more than 1500AUD, but if it's a bit more than that I suppose I could, seeing as it's an investment...

Height - I want to be able to go higher than 6ft, like 8-9ft would be great, and also getting nice and low - down to a few inches off the ground would be ideal - unless some cheaper sticks and a hihat with the other funds would be a better option??

Adjustability - I want to be able to have control over aspects of the setup. I want to have drag control - adjustable tilt and pan - as well as adjustable counterbalance, as my rig can be top heavy

True fluid head - not essential I guess, but I've used “fluid” manfrotto heads and benro heads before, and while they were good, they weren't great. I also used an old Miller fluid head and the difference was night and day. Take offs and stops were so much more natural and smooth. Apparently companies that make knock-offs of sachtlers and O'Connor's etc (such as Trix/teris) make true fluid heads too, because that's what they're copying?? I would prefer to buy one that is a known brand though

Weight wise, my current setup weighs in at around 4-5kgs, but is a bit top heavy. I'd like the ability to use it with this setup, but also have the capability later on down the track to use a heavier camera with the same sticks and head.

I'm open to suggestions, honestly. I've looked at benro and manfrotto, and while I'm not 100% sold on their heads, they have some sticks that could work. One manfrotto one went up to 9ft and down the ground almost, with a 75mm bowl and decent payload.

I've looked at the sachtlers, and then went through the knockoffs of their heads, and found a teris/trix ts100 or 120 or something that had a lot of adjustment in terms of drag and counterbalance, but had a 100mm bowl, and I have no idea whether they truly are a fluid head, not a grease and friction head. And I couldn't find a set of sticks that would accept a 100mm bowl and still do all I want.

If anyone has any knowledge to spare, please sing out, I'm open to options.


August 14, 2017 at 7:23PM


I've been using the Manfrotto 536 legs and 504HD fuild head since 2012, and it has been the best, and most versatile system I have ever used. I have never once in my entire career felt it lacking in some way. I use this setup with cameras as small as the Sony A7s all the way up to a Sony F55. Highly recommended. You can also get them used for a very good price.

August 19, 2017 at 10:49PM


Jake, this is always a topic of debate. I personally would recommend getting a Sachtler or Cartoni. I have used both for many years and the quality is absolutely amazing. I have taken these things around the world, sunk them in the ocean (not on purpose) and they still seem to keep kicking. I have found that the Sachtlers are a bit pricier than the Cartoni. Also, I have noticed with Cartoni you get a bit more payload for your money.
I personally would recommend these


Also your definitely going to want to get a high-hat if your looking for any shots under about 2 feet.


Also, if you get in decisive you can always go to your local rental house and get a hands on look at some of the different higher end tripods before making a purchase.

August 21, 2017 at 9:45PM

Blake Vincent Kueny
Partner + Content Director

I use the Manfrotto 190 Light - it goes down to really low (if inverted) and pretty high! I would definitely recommend. But if you want one that goes really tall try the Manfrotto 290 Light...

August 22, 2017 at 9:12AM

Ed Peacock

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