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How bad sounds a "comedy-thriller" shortfilm?

The thing is I've wrote my first short film, which It was intended to be a comedy (slapstick and subtle comedy). But the thing is that at the end, it turns pretty dark, like almost a thriller. And this will be shot in B&W and 2:35:1, the noir style will be complementing even more in this thriller thing.

How disturbing do you think it could be for the audience? Changing from one genre to other inmediately. I even added a funny epilogue for the credits so the audience won't end up completely blow-minded or disturbed. And I'm also thinking on the music to make it feel more like a comedy drama, but the thing is that the shots and the climax of the last two scenes are still too darky.

I've started this project influenced by Woody Allen, Chaplin and the Marx Bros, but now it seems more like a Coen brothers film.

Do you remember any movie who also does something like this? (and it's good).


November 8, 2017 at 11:05PM


Watch 'Housebound'... I think from New Zealand. That's a all sorts of genres, but not all at the same time. I rank it as one of my favorites.

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