June 4, 2015 at 8:20AM


How do I stir up interest in my film?

I've started work on a pilot for a zero-budget web series I intend to develop, but I have no idea how to get anyone to watch. The series is an action comedy about a cop, a karate master, and a bunch of cyborg communists. It's in the same absurd comedy vein as Danger 5 or Kung Fury. I don't really have any intention of making any money, but I'm desperate to get my trailer out into the world so people watch the series I'm working on when I put it out. I have a link to the youtube channel I've set up below.
I've also created a twitter @CelluloidRebel.
I'm not sure where to go from here without being an unbearable asshole. Please help.

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1. Start with better video titles when you upload. I don't want to see your filename in the title.
2. Spend time to make a better Youtube homepage. I didn't realize you had more than 4 videos when I first went there.
3. So why do you have a twitter? Who's in charge of it? What tags do you use and what schedule do you have? Marketing is work... not just twitting out occasionally.
4. Once you feel in a good place with your work, try kickstarter for an episode. Nothing big. Something that can be successful. View it as a learning experience, marketing, and deliver what you promise. Don't go crazy asking or promising too much.
5. I haven't watched the videos, but I see a lot of titles dealing with trailers and teasers? Why not group episodes together... do you have episodes or just sample videos?

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