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How do I write a fight scene into my script.

Hey filmmakers I'm an amature filmmaker trying to write my first action film and I'm wondering how do I go about writing in that fight scene I want so bad. I've written a few scripts before but nothing like this.


Fight choreogrphy (aka stage combat) is the work of specialists. If the fight has dialog, write the dialog. If the fight is just a fight, with a winner and a loser, you can just write "they fight. Loser ends up on the ground/sitting in chair/suspended from a hook/whatever. Winner ends up in top mount/standing above loser/ready to take on the next comer/whatever."

Creating good stage combat is harder than it looks. I think itxs about an hour of rehearsal for 10 seconds of combat, assuming actors have basic stage combat experience.

If you have a sequence of moves you are dying to writen you can write them the way a martial arts kata is written. But integrating a kata into a scene and making it look like a fight, not a sequence of moves...that's an art.

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Okay thanks that's actually exactly what I wanted to hear. I was dreading having to write every punch kick and word lol


March 31, 2017 at 4:03PM

I've learned that if you have a very defined vision, you can write it out, action for action. Or, you can write down the general idea, and specific points. My favorite way though, is just to say ' They fight in a (insert fight movie name) type sequence' Or even like Michael said 'They fight", and the outcome. I never knew how to write fighting, so i'd leave it for the fight choreographer to work the details out.

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