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How to get the right exposure/white balance while shooting on SLOG-2 on the Sony A7s


A couple of months ago I bought the Sony A7s. I really enjoy the camera and have done a lot of shoots/interviews. There is one thing I don't know how to deal with.

I always shoot on SLOG-2 with S-gamut and -7 detail. A big down part is the fact that I can't shoot with a LUT on the LCD-display. For example the Sony F55, you can set a LUT on the LCD-display (for correction) and SLOG-2 on the viewfinder. So everytime while grading the shots the white balance is not correct or the exposure. Is there a way to get this right while shooting?

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Alister Chapman covers this topic in great detail in an article he posted in August 2014...

Exposing and Using S-LOG2 on the Sony A7S : Part One

The basic premise is that you need to use a monitor with an IRE waveform display so that you can set exposure levels for white / skin-tone / 18% Mid-grey values, otherwise having an EVF or monitor that can display your image with the correct LUT allows you to visually judge exposure.

As far as color balance goes, I don't think it matters what color-profile or format you record you video image with, correct color balance will always be one value. ( I use a Sekonic C-500 digital color meter to measure the color temperature in Kelvin, which I then set as my color balance when I shoot )

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