February 27, 2017 at 12:12PM


How to light beards, in order to separate character from background...?

I'm doing a shortfilm next week where I'll be using low-key and middle low-key lighting. The story is about a writer who lives isolated from society, meaning he almost never leaves his house. Therefore, his beard is thick. Not long, but thick and black. The location is a wooden cabin, with dark wooden walls. We also have a night exterior, where I'll mimic street lights light with a china ball and one 2K and some 1K fresnels.

Since I'll be working with that kind of lighting, I need to separate him from the background, wich will be 1 or 2 stops darker than his key light. I've already thought of using kickers as a back light for the upper side of his head (classic back light), but I have a few wide shots where I need his face to be separated from background too, specially his beard, wich is really dark. How can I light his beard in order to accomplish this, and maintain it throughout all different shot? In the wide shots, specially, we'll have a Dolly In camera movement that ends in a medium shot of the character, who's writing at his desk. Meaning I won't be able to put a light close to the character.

Thank you in advance.

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