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How much to charge

I have a project coming up and its my first time doing all the work so i am a bit unsure about how much to charge. I have done all parts of a production before so i have all the skills required. But then i have been employed by other people.

The customer wants a 0.5-2 minute film for their international website.

I would need about one day to shoot and about 2-3 days to edit. I also need 2 actors, not necessarily professionals. Its no dialog.

I would also need to buy some things for this particular shoot too.

What would be reasonable to charge?

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If you need to buy expendables for the shoot (for example, a pint of fake blood), then you should charge for it. If you need to buy a bulb for your key light because the one that came with your fixture finally burned out, no. If you need to buy a bulb because the shot requires you to break the bulb, then charge for it. If you don't have a lens, camera, or lighting instrument you need, you should bid the rental cost for that item. If you end up buying the item instead of renting, that's your business, but don't charge the client the full cost of gear that you use for the shoot and then keep for yourself. If they paid for the gear, they own it, not you.

As for reasonable to charge, it sounds like you have 4 days of work for yourself and 2 person-days of work for the actors. 50 hours of professional work at $50,000/year is $1250. If you are a professional who needs to make a $100,000/year nut, then you need to charge $2500. Scale up or down accordingly.

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