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How to Shoot Someone Being Thrown Off a balcony?

Im sorry if this isn't the proper forum, but this is the best I can find on this site.

For a comedy film, I want to have one of the characters thrown off a balcony, but I don't know how to do that without actually throwing the person off or making it look cheesy and look fake. How am I supposed to do this? Thanks for any help!


VFX is the way. I would shoot a close up of the guy when hes starting to fall and complement with a wide shot of the balcony from inside the house, with the body already on the other side falling. Or, you can just give the notion that the person fell off the balcony without even showing the whole action. It will depend on the way you cut from one scene to the other.

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Herman Delgado
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Well, aim a little lower than they are, so that they end up in your sights by the time the bullet gets there. Skeet shooting is a great way to practice. But in reality, they're about to die anyway, so why waste ammo?

Just kidding. A serious answer, is if you want to do it somewhat practically, you can buy stuffed dummies for cheap, and put the actors clothing on them. Best for an extremely long shot. Or you can add some VFX to it, and add a face, etc. You can find some cheap stuffed dummies for under $50.

April 3, 2017 at 4:46PM

Craig Douglas
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