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I am looking for a composer for my short film.

Hi I'm Mishaal and I'm a 16 year old filmmaker in the UK. I am currently working on my first narrative short film, having previously made various visual effects orientated videos in the past. As of right now, it is running around 25 minutes, but that will probably become shorter. I am looking for a composer to create original music for this film. Normally I would search for royalty free music online but since the length of this film is quite extensive, I'd like to have some consistency in the music. While this film is a SciFi film, it also has drama and is emotionally driven.

Here is the story of the film: Its about two young filmmakers. One day when they are shooting, a mysterious black pod crashes on the site. When one of them touches it, he sees a vision of the future: one of their friends falling to their deaths. He ignores this initially, but when this becomes a reality, all he can feel is that he could have saved him. Then they conjure up the idea of using the pod to travel back in time in an attempt to save him.

I shot this with my friends in the summer, and more recently some extra scenes, on a budget of literally £0. So unfortunately I will not be able to pay you much. I think this would appeal to maybe some newer composers who are looking for some practice or maybe for some more work on their portfolio.

Please reply If you are interested in working with me.

Thanks for your consideration


Hi Mishaal, I am a composer and sound designer specializing in electronically produced music/soundscapes/sound effects. I use various analogue and virtual synthesizers in order to create a mood specific for a films purpose.

contact me here if you wish to discuss future projects.

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Hello, I have read your description, and would like to submit an application. I am 14 years old, and I live in Australia. I have a vast understanding of music, and play multiple instruments myself. I am a lover and composer of film music, and I would enjoy getting my work out there. I would not be asking for any pay whatsoever, just (as you say) something to go in my portfolio. If you supply your email address, I will be sure to send you a sample of my music. Look forward to finding out more about this short film, it sounds great.
~Spencer Vanderkley


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