September 20, 2016 at 3:37PM


iPhone 7 Plus Videography - FiLMiC, moondog, and more

Hey guys-

So, my iPhone 7 Plus ships in November (I'm pretty excited). One of the biggest reasons I upgraded to this phone from my iPhone 5 was due to all the leaps and bounds of improvements to the camera since my phone was made in 2012. In fact, I'm contemplating shooting my next short film on it.

Hours of research today has lead to the conclusion that every serious iPhone videographer seems to use this app called FiLMiC which allows you to shoot in 24fps, and to manually control + lock down your exposure settings. Pretty cool.

Even more research led me to moondog labs and the incredible work they've been doing in the last few years with anamorphic lens adapters. To my eye, the moondog stuff looks really great, and for the type of film I am planning to shoot next (suspense/horror) I think its cinematic look will be perfect for me.

My last bit of setup involves the DJI Osmo Mobile, which to my eye is just an incredible, incredible solution for iPhone stabilization and might be the only stabilizer I will need for an entire project.

My first question is - Does anybody have any information on whether any of moondog's current products are compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus? I don't imagine that their clip-on adapter will be, though I assume they're working on a new clip-on adapter for this new system (no information on this through their site or social media). However, they do also have adapters for the iPro Lens System, as well as one with a standard 37mm thread for iPhone cases that use this system. Does anyone know whether this 37mm adapter is compatible with the 7 Plus?

Lastly, in the case that the 37mm adapter WILL work with the 7 Plus, does anyone have an info on companies who are developing iPhone 7 Plus cases with a 37mm lens mounting thread, which will fit into the DJI Osmo Mobile? BeastGrip Pro does claim that their rig is compatible with the 7 Plus, however I don't know if this system is ideal for the Osmo Mobile since the Osmo grips the phone itself, and so does the Beastgrip.



Not sure about the adapters, but a huge positive vote for Filmic. That app is amazing. Make sure you get an iPhone with lots of memory, the higher bit rates create huge files. I did a 10 minute 4K recording and it was almost 6 GB.

October 5, 2016 at 5:14PM


josh...any idea how many GBs 10 minutes of 1080p recording would use? Or an hour at 1080p?

dena evans

November 1, 2016 at 3:59PM

I was looking the same, I can tell you something about what I have: the osmo mobile & the iPhone 7 plus... it's balanced perfectly but you're at the last point of the limit for the balance, so no more cover/rig will fit with osmo.. I don't think is possible to use big lenses with osmo but lets see what's will comes out from kickstarter & similar :)
Anyway Filmic is amazing and support also osmo mobile yet

October 6, 2016 at 5:51PM


I have an iPhone 7 Plus, just got the Osmo Mobile last week, and my Moondog lens arrived today. I couldn't wait for the iphone 7 version so I took a chance on the 37mm version.
It is true that Osmo can't balance with the lens on natively, but I 3D-printed a counter weight that I hang off of the right hand side of the Osmo and once I got the correct weight, it seems to work pretty well. I just have a 3/8" bolt sticking out of the weight and I add as many nuts as it needs until it balances. Not the most elegant solution but works.

October 13, 2016 at 7:18PM


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