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Is it me or does it take way too much time to create proxies through PPro "Ingest" feature

So, I have a GH4 and I've been shooting 1080p mostly because I'm afraid my 2011 Macbook Pro doesn't have the horsepower to edit 4K comfortably (even the 1080p gets stuttery at times).

I've noticed the Ingest feature in PPro and thought I'd try it on the 1080p workflow in hopes it works well enough to consider 4k.

Well, I tried it for my next project (150 Gb of video files) and after 48 hours of encoding, it didn't even encode the quarter of the whole thing. It completed maybe 20 files out of 120+.

Am I doing something wrong ? It is normal to take this long for 150 Gb ? Is it just my computer that is slow for this stuff (dual core) ?


I think this might be your computer because MacBooks do not render that fast if they have to compress data. If you would go into a coded with higher bitrate it would work much faster (but of course you would end up with some larger files).
As I had only my old iMac 21,5" from late 2011 to edit and also a GH4 with 4K files decided to transcode the footage into ProRes 422 LT and delete the original files. This way I had to deal with about 3.5x the file sizes but Premiere can handle ProRes files much better than high compressed H.264 files.
If you don't have enough disk space for ProRes 422 LT and still want to use proxies try to transcode your footage manually with the Adobe Media Encoder. If it's still that slow that it's highly likely that it's the lack of hardware.
(btw I have encoded 200GB of 4K GH4 files with my that iMac I mentioned before into ProRes 422 LT in about 2-3 hours; your MacBook should do that in the same amount of time if not faster).

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Eric Halbherr
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I have a 2014 MacBook Pro with the best graphics card I could get at the time and it still takes ages.

I tend to leave it overnight. Pretty much every time I do though I get up and premiere has crashed, but the job has still been done. It's just frustrating because I often have to relink the proxies when it should have done that as part of the process if Premiere didn't crash.

October 24, 2016 at 6:49AM

Liam Martin
DP, editor, part time director

You are very likely bottlenecking something along the way. Even for a machine that old, that is far too much time.

October 25, 2016 at 1:57PM

Joshua Bowen

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