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Is it possible to adapt aps-c lenses to MFT camera bodies?

For example Is their a way to use a sigma 17-50 on a Gh5?

Would their be vignetting?

what other issues might their be?

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Vignetting is possible depending on which SpeedBooster adapter you use. The Metabones 0.64x adapter has some vignetting problems with certain lenses. The 0.71x adapter seems to have fewer vignetting issues.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Micro 4/3 PRO grade lenses are sharper than adapted APS-C or Full Frame lenses, and can be controlled by the camera. For example the new DJI Ronin-S gimbal has a follow-focus wheel on the left side of the gimbal to allow you to focus with the GH5 / GH5s cameras when using native Panasonic lenses. ( right now this is a GH5 / GH5s ONLY feature for the Ronin-S gimbal )

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