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lav + recorder for super low budget project

A newbie wana do some documentary work while being on a super tight budget (actually close to no budget) and want to buy few lav mics and a recorder (while hoping for something close to pro level audio recording).

any suggestions?

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All of the really low cost lav mics ( less than $80 ) that I have heard sound bad, so for me the least expensive lav mics with professional quality sound are the Oscar SoundTech OST-801 and OST-802 mics.

These mics cost about $100 US or less, depending on the type of plug you have them wired for. ( for most low cost recorders you are going to want a 3.5mm mini-plug )

The Oscar SoundTech lav mic design is a clone of the much more expensive TRAM TR-50 lav mic, which costs about $250 US. I own both brands of lav mics, and I prefer the sound from the Oscar SoundTech lavs.

The least expensive audio recorder that I would look at is the Tascam DR-05 which costs about $70 US, and can record very high quality audio if used properly.

Tascam DR-05 Portable Handheld Digital Audio Recorder

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