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Lens for GH3? Suggestions? Newbie

Hey guys. I have recently purchased my first DSLR camera, the Panasonic GH3! I am ecstatic however now I need to put some money in for a lens. I bough the GH3 primarily for shooting short movies. Also I don't have much money to spend for a lens so I'm looking at getting a cheap and used one..I'm lost however...

Any suggestions?


If you want to shoot handheld then I would get one of the Panasonic kit lenses which have optical image stabiliztion. Just don't get the original 14-42mm lens which was quite soft in the telephoto range.

Otherwise, for a good film-look I would get a used 35mm film still photo lens from one of the major camera companies like: Canon FD, Olympus OM, Minolta, Nikon AI-S, Pentax SMC

A "standard" lens would be a 24mm lens for the GH3, and used you should be able to find this used for $150 or less on eBay. You will also need a lens adapter, which can be bought for less than $40.

I would also look at getting a 50mm lens, which can be found used for as little as $25. Just make sure you buy the same brand of lens as the 24mm so you can use the same lens adapter to mount it on your GH3.

I own a few Panasonic Micro 4/3 lenses that I use for handheld work, and I own 8 Nikon AI-S lenses that I use when I'm shooting with a monopod or tripod. I prefer the look of the Nikon lenses over the Panasonic lenses, but the Panasonic lenses are easier to work with when shooting still photos because they have auto-focus and optical stabilization.

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When i first bought my gh3 i wanted the panasonic 12-35, 2.8 but could not afford it. I picked up a used panasonic 14-45 (one of their older and sharper kit lenses). The focal length range was great and the IS was decent. However, after a year I upgraded to the popular 12-35 and it is a fantastic lens that can actually be used indoors without lugging lighting. If you can save up the cash, go for the 2.8, you will not regret it!

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