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License Music for Video Contest


I am interested in using good audio on my 30 second submission for a film contest due 09/16/2016, but I can't figure out how to license the music.

The contest rules state that they "will have a perpetual license to all videos submitted." That means any license for audio I might have will not be valid for them right?

This is bad because I can be disqualified if the audio requires a license(the company would then need to purchase), and I NEED good sound.

Does this make sense to anyone? Am I missing anything? Are there any good places to find audio for a circumstance like this, or am I out of luck?

Please help!

I have a rough cut with a preview of a track from Musicbed.


Official Rules:


There are lots of music pieces licensed under the Creative Commons licensing. Look for pieces that allow commercial derivative works. Creative Commons licenses are perpetual.

Alternatively you could check for really free music, for instance projects like Open Goldberg.

Apparently this is one of those contests where you transfer all your rights of the video to them. Technically you would not even be able to show your video on your own website after you submitted the video.

I doubt you would ever be able to get permission to use a published audio recording with such a broad requirement.

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Cary Knoop

Thank you for the information Cary!

I guess the real problem I'm having is realizing companies that host contests like these want creatives to hand over content for free for them to use commercially. In this case a chance at $10,000 and a years supply of coffee is the motivator for filmmakers to give them what they want.

Normally I wouldn't enter a submission for a contest like this, but a close friend asked me to create a video.

I'll check for pieces that allow commercial derivative works, and look at Open Goldberg.

You're right! I don't like the idea of giving someone the rights to our content under circumstances like this.

Thank you again! (:

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