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Light Kit at Wedding

Hello everyone, I have question, I am a freelance filmmaker with his own company and I am just wondering if people who shoot weddings films, do you guys bring your own light kit?? I have shot many weddings without using a light kit but latley I have read that people are brining their own light kits, so my question is, is it a good idea if I bring my light kit to a wedding?

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Yes, it's a great idea, for many reasons.

For instance: there are many situations where it's too dark for most cameras, especially if using slow motion; even if your camera gives you an acceptable image at high ISO, it'll give you a better image at low ISO; shooting wide aperture creates focus problems; good low light ability still won't help you with high contrast situations -- you'll need some fill to even out the dark areas; there's plenty of creative things you can do with light to make your images better -- this, after all, is a lot of what cinematography is all about.

For a more detailed answer, see: http://nofilmschool.com/boards/questions/light-kit-wedding

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Adrian Tan

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