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I am a cheap filmmaker and when I was filming today i noticed that my led lights weren't as bright as i thought. What type of led lights would you recommend for filmmaker on a budget?


I have some ARRI L7-C fresnels, which are definitely beyond the realm of the cheap filmmaker, but I've also been having great success with SORAA Vivid LED lamps:

A cheap lamp socket with something to clamp to, and a few of their brilliant SNAP system light modifiers (linear, box, 25 deg, 36 deg, 60 deg round) give me a range of options with very high CRI. At less than $100 per lamp (including powered edison socket, clamp, diffusors), it's a freakin steal. I also have a range of color temps to do the warm front/cool back thing.

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Thank you, i'll look into that

Eric Shelby

August 7, 2017 at 8:32PM

The two filmmakers that run the CRFTSHO YouTube channel have been recommending this 3,000 lumen CAT LED work-light that you can buy from for about $105 US :

I haven't tried one yet, but it looks like quite a powerful low cost LED light, and it's weather-proof.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

August 8, 2017 at 11:31PM


Hard to say when we don't know which lights you have in the first place.

Punchy LED lights will still come at a high price. Lupo has made a LED fresnel light that has the output of a 2k tungsten light (roughly): Lupo Light 2000
Rayzr 7 is a bit more punchy than Lupo and has better color rendition than the Lupo in the pure red (92 vs 65.3)

Then there's the Aputure lights... I find them interesting. I think I'll have to go borrow one so I can see what they can do. Currently they have a 120T and 120D and they can operate on batteries.
But soon they will release a 300D and T lamp which has a good deal of light out put.

To get anything remotely like a small HMI in terms of output you have to fork out big bucks to ARRI.

If I had the money for it, I would definitely get the ARRI 10L-C and some Skypanels.
But I guess the Aputures will do for now ;)

I would hands down go for the lights with the best color rendition compared to price. You can't fix color spikes in post.

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Torben Greve

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