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Looking for a full frame camera for underwater video

Hello all. I want to buy a full frame camera for underwater video. I would like 4k because I will stabilize, pan, crop, or downscale to have a 1080p final product.

I need to consider the cost of the camera, lens, and underwater housing. I think I need a lens with very good auto-focus so I don't need to worry about that underwater.

There is the Sony A7s III and I like the Black Magic Cinema camera. I can find some reasonably priced housings for the A7 but it looks like housings for the Black Magic camera are very expensive (thousands of dollars).

Does anyone have recommendations on affordable full frame cameras and underwater housings?

Thank you

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You should check out the camera reviews at the www.backscatter.com website that covers everything from GoPro action cameras to $40K underwater cine rigs. They are a dedicated underwater photography and video website.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

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