December 28, 2015 at 11:56PM


Magic Lantern DNG : does AE retain full information after DNGs been imported?

So, I have two options, to either export my mlv file to dng sequences or mov. For now I mostly go with the DNG,

now when I import them inside AE, the raw file editor naturally opens up and I do some editing, and when I'm finished with that, I use another plugin inside AE, like Color Finesse to do color grading.

What's troubling is that my footage doesn't seem to be holding up during grading. (I'd be happy to provide sample footage) ... I'm seeing vertical lines spaced equally...

So :
(a) am I losing quality when DNGs are imported into the timeline?
(b) would exporting .mov instead of dng help ?
(c) or perhaps it's just my camera that doesn't produce that good of a footage? I'm using a T2i/50mm with ML

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