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How to make flourescent light more palatable?

Dear No Film School Community,

I'm planning a very diy shoot in the next couple of weeks set in an office building with typical ugly, overhead flourescents. I don't have any professional lights, I just have a few walmart lamps and a big light reflector. How can I use these items to help make the lighting more cinematic and interesting? I'm planning to do a grayish/greenish color grade (I don't know the technical term) which should offset some of the ugliness, but is there anything I should know or any techniques I should use to increase the aesthetic value and cinematic-ness?


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Balance your camera to the overheads, balance you lights to the overheads with plus minus green and ctb or cto if needed, figure out the style of your film and determine the brightnrss of your backgrounds and see if skirting the overheads is Needed, if so by masking tape and vid queen from Home Depot, where ever the talent is still, turn off the lights that are keying them from the overheads and replace the key with you lights in the right position for your look ad negative if needed for the style.

September 30, 2017 at 1:58PM

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