February 24, 2016 at 3:05PM

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Making a music video like a musical film song.

I'm wanting to make a video of a classic Frank Sinatra song (I haven't picked the final song but I've got it down to 4), but I want to do it in a classic Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly musical film style video, with the actor singing and dancing the whole time (Similar to "Singing in the Rain" or "I got Rhythm"). Depending on the song we end up doing I will write a scene that goes around it to give it context.
I have made music videos before for modern songs, but the modern music video style isn't what I am attempting to achieve, has anyone done the style of video that I have attempted to explain to you or if anyone knows of any videos that may help explain how to do it. I am assuming that everything will need to be planned exactly so that everything fits together in editing.
Any comments or suggestions on this issue would be great help!

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