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MFT or EF lens for GH4?


I want to buy some lenses for a GH4. I currently have none.
What would be better: MFT lens or EF/ other full frame lens with adapter ?

I`ve heard a lot of cinematographers advise people to invest in lenses and I`m worried that if I buy MFT lens they will be less useful in the future as they are less popular.

I`m still trying to understand the cropping issues between different lens& sensors. If you could give me some advice about that as well it will be much appreciated!


I shoot with both for different reasons...

I shoot with Panasonic Lumix lenses ( 12-35mm f/2.8, 14-45mm f/3.5 - 5.6, 42.5mm f/1.7 ) for photography and for hand-held video work because of the excellent image stabilization.

I also own 8 Nikon AI-S lenses that I shoot with and without a Metabones Speedbooster, because I love the "smooth" less clinical look they have compared to the Panasonic lenses. ( Nikon AI-S lenses can also be bought fairly cheaply if you hunt around )

If I was starting out, I would buy the Panasonic Lumix 12-32mm "kit" lens because it's a good focal length range for the GH4, it has good stabilization for hand-held shots, and the autofocus is handy for still photo work. My second lens would be a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AI-S lens and a good adapter to mount it to the GH4. The Metabones Nikon G adapters ( both the non-Speedbooster and the Speedbooster version ) offer step-less aperture control with Nikon AI-S lenses, so you can smoothly open up your aperture or smoothly close down your aperture as you are shooting. This feature is VERY handy when shooting under daylight lighting conditions where the amount of light keeps changing as you shoot.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Thank you very much for your advice! I will look up the lenses that you mentioned.

Lily Dukes

July 1, 2015 at 2:54PM

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