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Mic for indoor videos?

I am recording youtube videos and want to change my mic as im not quite pleased with my current one (Electrovoice RE320), i think it sounds kinda muddy.

The room where I record is not treated in a any way a and doesnt have carpet.

I think maybe a hyper cardioid? Im not sure of which, though, and I really dont want to spend too much.

More about how, and where i record: I Record *mostly* "talking head" type videos in my room, there is a computer running all the time and sometimes I do typing on a keyboard, so I would like to block these sounds and capture only my voice. I speak rather quietly. I would be using a dbx 286s as preamp. And will be mounting it on a Rode PSA1.

Would the Samson C02 work good for me, or maybe there is a better option?



Frank, the reality of audio is that microphones record sound. If your room is completely untreated and has no carpet, the sound of your voice is going to be muddied by modal resonance, flutter echo, comb filtering, and excess reverb. Your microphone is not to blame.

The only problem with a quiet voice is that it might not stand out against background noise, such as jet aircraft flying at 35,000 ft, the fan in your laptop computer, your air conditioning system, or the fan in your laptop. Again, your microphone won't solve any of these problems, but better noise isolation will. Positioning a gobo ( between point sources and your microphone can also help.

The EV-RE320 is a standard in the broadcast industry. As are proper acoustic treatment and noise isolation. They all go together if you want high-quality audio.

March 6, 2017 at 5:01AM


Thanks for your answer. I will look into the gobo thing, maybe i can make it work with my shoots


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