January 28, 2017 at 7:38PM


Moving options (to start, fresh out of college)

I came home from University where I was studying photojournalism have been making a ton of short films.... I'm starting to get them into middle of the road festivals, which is nicer than the real small ones for sure! I'm 22 and finishing my associates degree this spring.. I'll be kicked out of my house, but theres limited talent in my town anyway. I will be moving to Atlanta or NYC- I know someone in reality TV in New York who could get me jobs, I just want to have enough time to continue making short films independently. I'm torn between having more time to work with like minded folks in ATL, or the opportunities in New York. I do however have film school friends in NYU and SVA to work with. So I am leaning towards NYC for those reasons, but I'm questioning the possibility I can work in ATL and get more independent work done... Thanks to anyone with an opinion! I appreciate it!!

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