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Native E mount vs. EF + Adapter?

I just bought a Sony A7S II and now I'm going to buy some Rokinon Cine DS lenses. My only dilemma is whether or not to get them in native E mount or get EF + adapter. Common sense tells me that native is probably better... But I've seen people actually suggest buying EF and adapting them. Can someone shed some light on this for a beginner?


So... I would also recommend the EF + adaptor. That's because the E-mount on a camera is great to adapt any sort of lens to them. But the E-mount on a lens is not very adaptor-friendly.
Lenses are something you have a much longer time that you have a camera. You will use them for 2-4 decades or even longer. But you won't use your A7s II longer than half a decade. And maybe you want to use a RED camera after that. Those are not available with E-mount. PL and EF moust of the time, sometimes F (Nikon).
You see: Some types of lens mounts are better to be on a camera (like E-mount) so you can adapt other lenses. And some mounts are better to be an a lens (like EF-mount) so you can adapt them to a other camera.

Hope I could help you!

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Eric Halbherr
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Definitely agree with Eric.
While I don't have practical knowledge, I have been researching this for quite some time. Lenses will outlast your camera. Camera tech changes constantly, lenses not so much. Make sure you invest in a quality adapter, too. You're going to need one with pins to connect an autofocus lens if you ever do gimbal work.

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