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Need some advice about small gimbals, like DS1 beholder, Zhiyun Crane, etc

I need some advice from someone with experience in small gimbals like beholder DS1, Zhiyun Crane or similar. I need to do some shots similar to ones that I did before in this teaser Pass: cinemamemoria16.

That's just a teaser made with things that what we had at the moment. I needed some really smoth movements and the only way to get them was to use the slowmo capabilities of the GH4, but with that we had the tradeoffs of shooting at a minimum shutter of 1/100 , and the only stabilized lens we had was the kit lens.. Yes, way far than the optimum, and the place was really dark so we had to crank up the iso.

I wuold like to know by someone that have some experience if I can do that kind of movements with a small gimbal, bigger ones like the ronin are a bit out of budget (Yes I live in a third word country, it's a shit). I know that the movements can be a bit diferent that using a good gimbal, but if I can get the same things with one of those, I will be able to shot in 4K, use non IS lenses, an 1 stop lower shutter speed, with that, I will be OK.

Any other sugestion will be welcomed! Thanks!!

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The Came-TV Single was really impressive when I used it and I think relatively low budget. I stuck to the Ronin-M really to allow both my arms to carry the weight.

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Nick Kelly

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