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Noise reduction in Resolve 12

Hi everyone.
So, like a lot of people, I recently made the switch from Premiere to Resolve. So far, so good. I still think I can edit faster in Premiere, but the far superior color tools in Resolve more than make up for it.
Still, there's one problem for me: I was used to denoising footage in Premiere with Neat Video. The free version of Resolve 12 doesn't have NR, so I thought I'd get Neat Video again. For 100$, it's not cheap, but it's something that I'd use a lot.
Turns out the Neat Video version for Resolve costs 250$, which is ridiculous. I am not paying that much for the same plug-in that costs 100$ for Premiere. And Red Giant's Denoiser II is not supported in Resolve.
With that said, does anyone know a good noise reduction plug-in for Resolve, that gets the job done inside the software, without breaking the bank?
Thanks in advance.

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for what it's worth—the company that makes Neat Video does offer cross-grade pricing, so you don't have to spend the full amount to move a license from one system to another.

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